Photos: Holiday Christmas Card

Holiday Christmas Card: #christmas

Merry Christmas!!!

This is our family holiday Christmas card – and, oh what fun it was!!

First, the average temperature here in Norther Alberta has been right around -23 degrees C. Yucky. The couch is real – it’s really in the snow – no photoshop. The couch lives in our basement and well, this photo shoot took 6 hours, spread over 2 days (about 6 days apart). So, not only was this a photo shoot, it was also an arm workout, and well, I won’t be doing squats for about 3 more days. Bryce was awesome when I shared my idea. “You want to do WHAT?!”… haha! Turned out, I think!

What do you need?


Where did I get mine??…well, Pinterest, of course. Follow me for more inspiration. Tinyprints Blog has 100 photo ideas for your holiday card – most are delightful, but as soon as I saw the piece “take it outside” with the red couch, I was like “YES!!”. That felling when you just know is amazing.

Holiday Christmas Card: #christmas

This red couch has been a part of our living room decor since 2007 when we lived in Dallas, Texas. It’s from ikea, so isn’t great quality, but it works! I remember whenever we had people over or visiting I would wash the slip cover and then I wouldn’t let the dogs, or even Bryce sit on it until after our guests had arrived. It just seemed to deflate and not look so nice once it was lived on for a day or two. Now, we have a nice big puffy sectional that does not disappoint and the red corduroy couch lives in the basement.

Holiday Christmas Card: #christmas

The dogs love the red couch and any chance they have to not step on the freezing snow! It’s like playing “the ground is hot lava” with kids. The snow is so cold that our dogs try and keep their paws off the ground – they look like they are dancing. We have booties for them on long walks, so don’t feel too bad for them.

Me, looking so excited! I’m just trying to stay warm and get the lighting right.

Holiday Christmas Card: #christmas

No more timer – I purchased a little remote control off of Amazon (about 9$) so I don’t have to get up and reset the time after a few shots. So worth it!!

You can actually see it in Bryce’s right hand.

What are we all looking at?!

Holiday Christmas Card: #christmas

Lily – such a close talker. She will get so close to your face. I think it’s adorable. Bryce thinks it’s annoying. Our guest, well, I’m sure they agree with Bryce!

Holiday Christmas Card: #christmas

And there we are – one big happy family.

Holiday Christmas Card: #christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from our family to you!

Enjoy the holiday.

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