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Recipes: 12 Days of Cookies

12 Days of Cookies: 3ten.ca #cookies #baking

Okay – Christmas is 5 days away…WOW!! Have you done any baking? Best get on it. Baking yourself is so much better than buying at the store – so warm and fresh. Don’t you just love freshly baked goods?

3ten.ca celebrated earlier this month with the 12 days of cookies, now, here are all the recipes, brought together.

You can make them all in one day, like I did! It was a 14 hour cookie making day, so I don’t suggest that, yet it’s possible. Or, make one or two of your favourites.

My favourite? Snickerdoodle!

How about my husband’s favourite? Cookies ‘n Cream!

Bake Up

12 Days of Cookies: 3ten.ca #cookies #baking

Chewy Cranberry Cookies: 3ten.ca #cookies

Chewy Smarties Cookies: 3ten.ca #cookies #smarties

Red Velvet Shortbread Cookies: 3ten.ca #cookies

Turtle Cookies: 3ten.ca #cookies

Candy Cane Cookies: 3ten.ca #cookies #candycane

Cookies n' Cream Cookies: 3ten.ca #cookies #oreo #baking

Pecan Cranberry Cookies: 3ten.ca #cookies

Rocky Road Brownie Cookies: 3ten.ca #cookies #glutenfree

S'more Cookies: 3ten.ca #cookies #baking

Carmel Stuffed Chocolate Cookies: 3ten.ca #cookies #baking

Holiday Candy Cookies: 3ten.ca #cookies #baking

Snickerdoodle Cookies: 3ten.ca #cookies

Well – there you have it, 12 days of cookies – all delicious recipes focused around the holiday season. Of course, not every single one is traditionally a holiday cookie, so you could bake them up any time. The chewy smartie cookies would be good with the full colour of all the smarties. And, I might press in some smarties after rolling them so they pop with colour a bit more.

The snickerdoodle cookies and the pecan and cranberry ones are sure to please just about anyone who likes cookies. And the cookies and cream cookies – well, I bet they’d be a hit regardless.

A few tips if you’re going to tackle a bunch of baking in one day – wear sneakers and start getting the baking in the oven early. I spent about 2 hours measuring and organizing and then got stuck needing more oven space. Silly planning. Oh, and don’t forget to take a break to eat – you need lunch and snacks for sure and cookies don’t count as lunch.

Thanks so much for visiting and I hope you enjoy these recipes and the 12 days of cookies as much as I do. Bake up and have a happy holiday.

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