Photos: Wedding Day


Wedding Day

Just a few shots from our wedding day!

First – all of these photos are credit to Mark Cooper Photography out of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

All of the photos on my blog are mine and this is the first time I’m sharing…Mark does fabulous work and he gets all this credit! We were lucky, too, in that Mark came with an assistant. The best part is that Bryce and his family had one photographer while I had Mark. A nice way to take our time getting ready and not having to share a photographer.

Ceremony is first…then some fun shots around Ottawa…some small details…some first dances (my husband and then my dad)…and then a good-bye shot (although that one was taken in the middle of the afternoon!).



Around Ottawa




Small Details



First Dances

Wedding: 3ten.caWedding:

Good-Bye Shot


The day was perfection!

Mark gave us more than 700 shots, but that would be far too overwhelming to share all at once with you!

These 13 are not necessarily my favourite (some of my favourites are the behind the scenes…I’ll share those later), although I love the one of us looking at each other at the reception – they are a great representation of our day.

We have been married 813 days….2 years, 2 months, and 20 days…or 70,243,200 seconds! It’s awesome.

Enjoy your weekend and make memories!!

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