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    Rush Gets Married

    Rush Gets Married My little brother Noah, who is called Rush by his close friends, is saying “I do” this afternoon to Tiana. She is a picture perfect person – kind, generous, and real. There is a lot of physical distance between us, they live in Ontario and we live in Alberta, yet we’ve made the trip to Ontario twice before the wedding to meet Noah and Tiana as a couple. They are flat out in love. With regards to Noah, I want to share…

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    Photos: Wedding Day

    Wedding Day Just a few shots from our wedding day! First – all of these photos are credit to Mark Cooper Photography out of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. All of the photos on my blog are mine and this is the first time I’m sharing…Mark does fabulous work and he gets all this credit! We were lucky, too, in that Mark came with an assistant. The best part is that Bryce and his family had one photographer while I had Mark. A nice way to take…

  • Two Dogs and a Wedding Dress: 3ten.ca

    Two Dogs and a Wedding Dress

    Two Dogs and a Wedding Dress Today is our two year anniversary and I want to do something special for my husband. About 3 weeks ago, our weimaraner, Bella, got sick, however, she’s okay now, or will be. When we though she might not make it, all I could think about was what if I forget her – all of her quirks, her expressions, her eyes. So, I took this opportunity to take some photos! She looks pretty happy, and Lily, well, she just looks…