Rush Gets Married:

Rush Gets Married

Rush Gets Married

My little brother Noah, who is called Rush by his close friends, is saying “I do” this afternoon to Tiana. She is a picture perfect person – kind, generous, and real.

There is a lot of physical distance between us, they live in Ontario and we live in Alberta, yet we’ve made the trip to Ontario twice before the wedding to meet Noah and Tiana as a couple. They are flat out in love.

With regards to Noah, I want to share a few little stories.

Story One

At the rehearsal party I was telling my aunt Karen a story my mom has told many times. I was 3 years old and Noah came home from the hospital after being born. As my mom tells it, after a few hours, I said “okay, you can take him back now!” Noah seemed to get all of the attention and I was clearly not happy with that. Turns out, I’m happy he stuck around.

The picture below is one of us on a Saturday morning. Hanging out with matching haircuts and having fun. Rush Gets Married

Fun is something Noah loves. Whether it be listening to my uncle Fred tell stories from the past, jumping off high rocks into the waters of the Great Lakes, or working hard during ‘shred season’, fun is had. Even when Noah locks himself in his room to cheer on his and Grandpa’s favourite team, the Pittsburg Steelers, as they win the 2005 Super Bowl, it’s fun – 100% fun.

Story Two

You know what’s not fun? When your brother gives you a bloody nose. We were in the van and Noah was reaching into the front seat to grab something just as I was turning around to talk to him. Ouch.

That van carries a lot of memories. We flew through the air on Queen Street and Noah learned how to pass on the highway in that van.

Story Three

Oh, the passing story is funny. Funny because if you know Noah, he asks so many questions about things; like, do cows talk to each other? So funny. It was the summer of 2003 and we were driving to Traverse City to go shopping. He was driving and on the undivided highway we were stuck behind quite a slow driver. Noah wanted to pass. He asked, “how do I pass?” Well, you first ensure the road is open enough. Then, you move over to the left slightly to ensure there isn’t any on coming traffic. “What if there is a car coming?” Noah asked, well…then you don’t go! He asked more questions and then, finally Noah passed. I don’t think he thought the van could go that fast!

Noah is priceless. My younger brother is true to himself and knows what he wants. Noah wants happiness and he wants Tiana. I look forward to sharing this special day with them and wishing them all the very best in their bright future.

Congratulations Noah and Tiana!

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