Sewing: Waxed Cotton Dopp Kit

Waxed Cotton Dopp Kit:

Waxed Cotton Dopp Kit

The perfect gift for my husband – his birthday was on Tuesday and I made this for him.

The full tutorial for the kit is here: Man Travel Bag

One note – I made the corners only 3 inches, so the kit would be flatter and longer.

For the waxing tutorial: Waxed Cotton Tutorial


The main reason I waxed this bag is to keep the outside looking clean. With the inside waxed, and thus waterproofed, leaking shampoo or shaving cream won’t get onto the outside of the bag. Or onto anything else, like shoes or gym clothes if it’s in a gym bag. The second reason I waxed the bag is to give it some structure. With no interfacing the bag wasn’t as sturdy as I thought it might be, even though I used denim on the inside. My goal, one day, is to figure out how to make this dopp kit without having all the serger seams showing on the inside. One day – all I need to do is thinking about it for a bit. This project works well, though, because I used a dark denim and the seams are hardly noticeable.

Okay – let’s get ready to sew. Be sure to visit the tutorials above for the kit and for the waxing instructions.

See how flat the bag is when it doesn’t have any structure. Not even any interfacing. It’s quite lame. Thus, time to wax it up.

Waxed Cotton Dopp Kit:

Getting the wax ready. Just a little tip, don’t touch the glass jar, it’s super hot!

Waxed Cotton Dopp Kit:

I waxed the inside and left the outside all natural. You could do both or just the outside. You pick!

Waxed Cotton Dopp Kit:

Nice polished zipper.

Waxed Cotton Dopp Kit:


Waxed Cotton Dopp Kit:

Time to load up with all of your man gear and toss it in your gym bag.

Happy Thursday!

Guess what? My younger brother is getting married on Saturday! Whoo hoo.

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