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    Sewing: Week Two – Men’s Casual Pullover

    Week Two Men’s casual pullover is a great pattern to start off with. It’s easy, especially if you have a serger. One of the main reason’s I got a serger was to reduce the bulk when sewing clothes. The seams look more professional and polished. For this project I used a Simplicity pattern – 1287, yet I have a few adjustments that I made, so be sure to read before you start your project. Tip First – make sure you read the finished measurements. I…

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    Sewing: Waxed Cotton Dopp Kit

    Waxed Cotton Dopp Kit The perfect gift for my husband – his birthday was on Tuesday and I made this for him. The full tutorial for the kit is here: Man Travel Bag One note – I made the corners only 3 inches, so the kit would be flatter and longer. For the waxing tutorial: Waxed Cotton Tutorial Tips The main reason I waxed this bag is to keep the outside looking clean. With the inside waxed, and thus waterproofed, leaking shampoo or shaving cream…

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    Tutorial: Bow Tie

    Bow Ties!! On a recent trip to Las Vegas…okay – January…I found some of the most unique bow ties and I know my husband has always wanted one. It wasn’t silk but it still had a sticker price of 178$. Ah, no thanks. In July I decided I would tackle the bow tie. I finally got around to it! The template I use is Martha Stewarts but I DO NOT follow her directions. For one, her directions are wasteful (I find) and the fabric has…