Sewing: Chevron Outdoor Placemats

Chevron Outdoor Placemats: #sewing #diy

It’s summer time – time to dress up your outdoor table! I found this chevron outdoor fabric last month when I was in Ohio – it’s so awesome. The fabric is fade proof for up to 500 hours. Awesome! Let’s sew up these chevron outdoor placemats.

What You Need

  • 1 yard of front fabric
  • 1 yard of back fabric
  • machine
  • matching thread

First – decide on the size of your square. Mine are 14 inches by 14 inches. You can go as low as 12×12 or as high as 16×16. It’ll depend on your pacesetting and your table.

Next – cut out your pre-washed fabric. Put right sides together and serge or stitch all around, leaving a hole to turn right sides out.

Chevron Outdoor Placemats: #sewing #diyChevron Outdoor Placemats: #sewing #diy

Now, once they are right side out, iron and fold in the opening. Top stitch all around. On these, I wanted to see the stitching, so I used a think grey tread on top and then my bobbin had a heavy duty white thread, so you could see it on the black. They are reversible if you’re not in the mood for chevron.

Chevron Outdoor Placemats: #sewing #diyChevron Outdoor Placemats: #sewing #diy

Then, iron your seam and you’re done!

Chevron Outdoor Placemats: #sewing #diy

Happy sewing – check back soon for the fun picnic napkins to match!

Sew up!

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