Sewing: Rustic Curtains

Rustic Curtains: #homedecor #diy

This two toned home decor fabric is awesome – and I’ve had it for about 2 years. Originally, I purchased it for one of our living room windows, however, it turns out that window is one of our dogs favourite and since the sun doesn’t come in too much on the west side of the house. So, we decided to leave it open. What to do with this fabric? Last month we put it to use in one of the bedrooms. I had to play with the fabric and ensure I had enough. Regardless, you can use this tutorial with any home decor fabric to make a statement in any room.

Rustic Curtains

Rustic Curtains: #homedecor #diy

Step One

After picking out your fabric, measure your window – make your curtain about 12 inches longer in height and about 12 inches wider in width (unless you want more bunching).

Lay out your fabric. For me, I wanted the white side on the outside and then two panels (one on each curtain) on the inside in the grey; thus, when the curtains were closed, it would look like 3 panels.

Rustic Curtains: #homedecor #diyRustic Curtains: #homedecor #diy

Step Two

Serge all of your edges and turn the bottom and the side seams up by 1 inch.

I gave the top a 2 inch hem – this gives it more structure, especially when you stitch on the loops.

Rustic Curtains: #homedecor #diyRustic Curtains: #homedecor #diy

Step Three

Now, time for the loops. I made my loops too small the first time around. Learn from me – make one and then test it out! On my second try I made them 10 inches long and 4 inches wide (turing the hem in on the sides by 1/2 and inch). I matched the white to white and grey to grey.

Step Four

Once you have your loops made, pin them in place and stitch over your 2 inch hem, making sure you catch the loops. This will give you a guide and will also ensure you have enough of the loop sticking out on the top for the rod (or in my case, the branch).

Rustic Curtains: #homedecor #diyRustic Curtains: #homedecor #diyRustic Curtains: #homedecor #diyRustic Curtains: #homedecor #diy

Step Five

Time to head outside. For this project I didn’t want a typical curtain rod – that wouldn’t be rustic at all. A rustic tree branch would work perfectly. Time to take a look around the property.

Rustic Curtains: #homedecor #diyRustic Curtains: #homedecor #diy

We found one and cut it down. We also made brackets out of two small pieces – that way the ‘rod’ isn’t secured right to the wall, it’s secured to the bracket, since it needs to stick out in order to let the curtains flow.

Rustic Curtains: #homedecor #diyRustic Curtains: #homedecor #diyRustic Curtains: #homedecor #diyRustic Curtains: #homedecor #diy

Step Six

Just a tip – when you’re putting up the rod, be sure to have your curtain in the right place – since once the rod is secured, you can’t get around the bracket.

And…you’re done!

Rustic Curtains: #homedecor #diyRustic Curtains: #homedecor #diy

Close the curtains and enjoy the view.

Rustic Curtains: #homedecor #diy

See you again soon.

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