Photos: First Snow 2013

First Snow:

First snow 2013 looks like winter is here…and I think it’s here to stay!

Two days ago the grass was green and the sun was shining. Then 15 cm, or 6 inches dumped down on us. The dogs love the fluffy white stuff.

First Snow 2013

Here’s Lily running no the paths though the weighed down trees.

Such a little rascal, this one – she eats her body weight in snow each year. I mean, it’s like she thinks it’s a snack or a treat. Either way, at least she’s one happy pup.

First Snow: 3ten.caFirst Snow:

Bella – why are you taking pictures and not running after me?! Seriously? Let’s play! This munchkin loves to run and run and she love it even more when she’s being chanced. Probably because she’s the fastest and likes to win.

First Snow:

My husband…

First Snow:

The snow is SUPER heavy!!!

So heavy it reminds me of Ontario snow – the thick wet kind that’s just perfect for snowballs or making snowmen. The kind that soaks through your mittens and chills your bones, that’s when you know winter has arrived. Ah, and don’t forget about turning your boots upside down over the vent to dry! Oh, how we love the first snow 2013.

First Snow:

So pretty.

First Snow:

Do you have snow?! Go out and enjoy the weather!!

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