Paint Gun Hunt:

Photos: Paint Gun Hide and Seek

Paint Gun Hide and Seek:

Paint gun hide and seek. Ah, yes. Why not on this awesome Friday.

I did this with my husband about 3 weeks ago and I completely forgot to share it on here. Silly me. Again, slacking.

So, a bit of inspiration can go a long way. About a year ago I saw a pin on Pinterest about a woman who had a similar sign for her husband when he got home, except it was played inside the house and with nerf guns. Our house is far too open concept to play nerf in the house…the game would last 3 minutes, maybe 4.

Let’s change it up, I thought!

Paint Gun Hide and Seek

We have quite a large property and I thought hide and seek would be way, way more fun. Water guns, however, wouldn’t be too great, since we’d only get wet. Where is the fun in that? What’s more fun? Filling them with paint!

I took a look online to see if anyone else had filled a water gun with paint. Why, yes, people had tried it and the number one thing they said to do was dilute the paint. I used the washable crayola paint you find in the same aisle as the markers and crayons. One container per gun. Dilute the paint first, however, before you put it in the gun.

Paint Gun Hide and Seek:

Okay, so back to that Friday. Bryce, my husband, was finishing up a busy and demanding week. What better way to loosen him up and have a bit of fun. I had been sitting on this idea for over a year and the perfect time was upon us. Awesome.

I made the sign and filled the water guns, making sure to test each of them first. Then, I texted Bryce and as causally as possible asked him to let me know when he’s headed home. He replied with, on my way now. I was like what? Now?! Racing into action I put out the sign and set up the gun and his gear. Then I sprinted up the stairs to change – the noise got the dogs all excited. Bella and Lily were going to give me away if they were excited. Ah well, I couldn’t help it.

Off I went, gun in hand, to hide. Knowing the hide and seek, or chase, rather, wouldn’t start until Bryce got home, I wanted to be sure I could see him when he read the sign. Well, silly me…I could see him and he could clearly see me. I dashed off while he was changing and he didn’t find me for 20 minutes!

Seriously. 20 minutes. I was darting back and forth between trees, running down the paths and trying to ditch the girls who were so clearly giving my positioning away.

Paint Gun Hide and Seek:

I lost. Big time.

Bad aim combined with my inability to run and fire the huge water gun at the same time.

Paint Gun Hide and Seek:

Augh. Time for me to make dinner…but it was such a great start to our weekend. We played for about 40 minutes and had so much fun. I 100% recommend you have a bit of fun yourself, too.

Paint Gun Hide and Seek:

Happy hiding…or seeking, which ever makes your heart smile.

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