Welcome to the World Rookie: 3ten.ca

Sewing: Welcome to the World Rookie

Welcome to the World Rookie: 3ten.ca

Welcome to the World Rookie – this is the compilation of all the baby gift sets I just shared – plus two big blankets (one cozy quilt and one cozy fleece). Okay, let’s get sewing.

Welcome to the World Rookie

These blankets are what tie the all of the baby gift sets togheter. The Quilt ties the first two sets – all the foxes, the blues, greens, and the oranges make the grey pop. Let’s take a peek at the quilt in a bit more detail!

Baby Quilt: 3ten.ca
Baby Quilt: 3ten.ca

What’s fun about the quilt is that not every triangle is stitched to the back – only about 10-15 are. And, everything is facing the right way, regardless of of the direction of the triangle. Takes a bit of planning, yet it pays off!

Okay, let’s check out the fleece blanket and see how cozy it looks.

Fleece Blanket: 3ten.ca
Fleece Blanket: 3ten.ca

How cute is this little touch? I heart my nephew so very much. Hugs!

Welcome to the World Rookie: 3ten.ca

Well, let’s take a peek at the gift sets that I’ve already shared.

Baby Gift Set One: 3ten.ca
Baby Gift Set Two: 3ten.ca
Baby Gift Set Three

Ta-da! Done! Making useful things and adding some personal touches to sewing projects makes my heart so very happy – especially when it’s well received and loved from the recipient. It makes all the time and effort worth it.

Thanks so much for visiting and I hope you enjoyed the last two weeks of baby sewing projects. Up next a sweet treat, so I’ll see you again soon.

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