Holiday Table Runner:

Sewing: Holiday Runner

Holiday Runner - Sewing Tutorial:

You might be catching on – all of my sewing projects for this celebration of the 12 Days of Christmas are in black and white. Why? I’m not an overly big fan of green and red together and this year I decided to keep things fresh and clean. Plus, this way I can use the holiday runner all year round!

The number one key to making this runner look as professional as possible – ensuring your measuring of the fabric is dead on. If you don’t have a rotary cutter and a cutting mat, you need to get one.

What You Need

  • 2 coordinating pieces of fabric (try and make one a bit heavier – like home decor fabric) that measure 42 x 13
  • 10 feet of piping – I made my own with bias tape and cord
  • matching thread
  • machine

First – pick out your fabric. These two coordinate well, yet aren’t too matchy-matchy.

Holiday Runner - Sewing Tutorial:

Next – what you’re going to want to do is make your piping or get some that’s already made. Once you’ve got your piping, stitch it to the ‘top’ side of the runner.

If you’ve never done piping before, don’t be afraid, it’s easy. Visit the full piping tutorial for tips and tricks.

Holiday Runner - Sewing Tutorial:

When you’re stitching on the ‘back’ side of the runner (the chevron in my case) be sure to leave a few inches to turn the runner right side out, then stitch up the hole, by stitching in the ditch!

Holiday Runner - Sewing Tutorial:

See – you can hardly see the stitch.

Holiday Runner - Sewing Tutorial:


Holiday Runner - Sewing Tutorial:

Now style away.

Holiday Runner - Sewing Tutorial:

Have a dinner party and get ready to keep celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas! Up next, an all time favourite holiday recipe.

Oh, like the placements? Check out the placemat tutorial.

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