Tutorial: Dishcloths

Dishcloth Tutorial: 3ten.ca #sewing

Dishcloths! Yes, something we need and somehow can never keep clean. So, it’s time for sewing! Making dishcloths is super easy. They make a good house welcoming gift, look good in the kitchen, and are fun to customize with any fabric you like.


Mine measure 10 inches by 10 inches when finished – add about 1/4 to 1/2 an inch for the seam allowance. Also, ensure that your fabric is washed an ironed before you cut it. It’ll make for far cleaner lines and a smoother stitch. Trust me, I’ve tried rushing and it just doesn’t pay off. Plus, if the end product doesn’t look good, you’ve basically waisted all of your time and materials. So, set yourself up for success. Okay, let’s get sewing.

I’m using terry cloth and quilting cotton. You can use an old towel, or even dress up dollar store dishcloths…anything that will work for the back of the cloth.

Cut them all out.

Dishcloth Tutorial: 3ten.ca #sewingDishcloth Tutorial: 3ten.ca #sewing

Sew or serge with right sides together. Leave about a 1 inch opening to turn it right side out.

Now, top stitch all the way around the cloth.

Much of this process is exactly the same as making a burp cloth…the only difference, the size.

Dishcloth Tutorial: 3ten.ca #sewingDishcloth Tutorial: 3ten.ca #sewing

Looking good!

Iron them out.

Dishcloth Tutorial: 3ten.ca #sewing

Fold them up.

Dishcloth Tutorial: 3ten.ca #sewing

Give them away…or get them dirty!

Happy sewing!

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