Siem Reap Snapshot:

Travel: Siem Reap Snapshot

Siem Reap Snapshot:

Siem Reap snapshot – the third (oh my, it’s going so fast!) stop on our April 2016 visit to Southeast Asia.

This place is amazing. Cambodia is so beautiful and the people are so friendly. What to do in Siem Reap? Visit temples and old city ruins – Angkor Wat and the surrounding historical sites. Also, you can bike around town on a city bike – one of my favourite things thus far on the trip.

Siem Reap Snapshot

We took cooking classes and watched a show with local goddess dancers.

Thus far the local Khmer food as been my favourite on the trip. Eating fried rice with an egg on top for breakfast is so awesome. Different, yet so good. Plus, it’s way easier here to find gluten free food than it was in Hong Kong.

Oh, and the advice to get a hotel with a pool was spot on. We swam a total of 4 times in the 3 nights we were in Siem Reap. Our hotel was central, had a great breakfast that was included and the pool was so refreshing.

Siem Reap Snapshot:

You can see in the photo above, Angkor Wat, that it’s being restored and repaired on the left side – the Germans are helping to do the work and have sent numerous experts to help with the process.

The picture below is of us on our bike ride. We had to stop and take some breaks not only because it was hot, but also because we wanted to stop and people watch! So many scooters and motorbikes. Biking in the busy streets was a bit hectic – be sure you use arm signs when you need to ‘signal’ and turn. Bryce made fun of me for doing this, yet it totally prevented us from getting hit more than once. Oh, and if you do get a town bike, be sure it has a working light! You’ll want to be sure the tuk-tuks can see you.

Siem Reap Snapshot:

Overall, Siem Reap was amazing and we spent the perfect amount of time there – 3 nights and 4 days. Now, off to the capital of Cambodia – Phnom Penh!

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