Eats: Super Bowl Eats 2019

Super Bowl eats 2019 is here. The big game is tomorrow – are you ready for some football?! Here are some Super Bowl eats to enjoy while you watch the Rams take on the Patriots – the favourite by 2.

Okay – let’s get cookie. Most of these can be made ahead of time, giving you a lot of opportunity to enjoy the festivities of the game and join in on the fun. No being stuck in the kitchen hovering around the hot stove on game day – plus, this is better than your takeaway pizza.


Super Bowl Eats 2019:

These potato skins are quick and easy to make. Fill them with your favourite toppings and dip in ranch or sour cream. Plus, you could even make them ahead of time and do the final broil right before serving.

Super Bowl Eats 2019:
Super Bowl Eats 2019:

The white queso recipe takes about 15 minutes on the stove and then it’ll keep warm in your slow cooker for hours. The perfect make ahead cheese dip. Plus, it uses Rotel. No Super Bowl is complete without Rotel.

White Queso:
7 Layer Dip:

Lastly, this 7 layer dip has a bit of twist on the classic. With corn and whole black beans, it’s healthy and filling – both much needed items for any Super Bowl party. And, these you can for sure make ahead, even the night before.

Super Bowl Eats 2019:

Well, there you have it – 3 Super Bowl eats 2019 recipes to satisfy your hunger while you watch the worlds best advertisements and catch come football in between all the action.

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