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    Eats: Super Bowl Eats 2022

    Super Bowl eats 2022 – the big game is here and it’s time to make some snacks. From sweets to salty eats, here are some favourite recipes. Okay, let’s get ready! Here are the top 5 recipes to make for the game on Sunday. Well, they’re good anytime, but especially good in large batches and shared with friends while watching one of the biggest TV events (I mean, those commercials are so captivating!). Happy watching!! Recipes BBQ Chicken Salad Donut Glazed Popcorn Jalapeño Guacamole Homemade…

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    Eats: Super Bowl Eats 2019

    Super Bowl eats 2019 is here. The big game is tomorrow – are you ready for some football?! Here are some Super Bowl eats to enjoy while you watch the Rams take on the Patriots – the favourite by 2. Okay – let’s get cookie. Most of these can be made ahead of time, giving you a lot of opportunity to enjoy the festivities of the game and join in on the fun. No being stuck in the kitchen hovering around the hot stove on…

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    Recipe: Super Bowl Eats 2016

    Super Bowl Eats 2016 These are a few recipes that I recently made that will be perfect for the big game! Click each picture and check out the recipe. And, have a blast yelling at the tv, hanging out with friends and staying up late on a Sunday!! Also, check out my Pinterest board – it’s full of flavour, eats and recipes to help your team win (okay, maybe not, but it could happen, right?)!! Follow Ali Nicole: 3ten.ca’s board Super Bowl Eats on Pinterest.…