Project: Boler


This Canadian classic travel trailer is truly iconic. The Boler is a fiberglass trailer that is timeless – we got our first one in 2012. And, our 1972 trailer was 40. Yes, 40!




We’ve worked hard all summer on this Boler and she’s finally done!

From being fully gutted to a new and bright vintage trailer, we are so happy. It took us hours and hours of sanding to get the body in great condition. Not to mention the homemade spray booth we made to get this quality automotive paint on. We hung vapour barrier in a cut down section of trees – so funny.


My favourite part? The coziness of the headliner. It’s mould resistant and protects against condensation. Plus, it’s a little fuzzy giving it that warm and homey feel. Just feel clean and comfortable to be in this little trailer. What more could we ask for when we’re camping.


The whole process of our rebuild is tracked on tumblr – everything from products we used, to tools to get the job done. Oh, and we share creative solutions to some problems you might encounter, too.

Be sure to check out our tumblr page for all full Boler restoration!

Thanks so much for visiting and happy travelling.

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