Travel: Elk Island National Park

Elk Island Camping:

Elk Island National Park. Camping! Yes – we went camping again. This is our fourth trip of the season and we’ve got two more left. I’m excited since fall camping is beautiful. Okay – check out our photos.

Elk Island National Park

The best part about this park is that it’s only 55 minutes from our driveway to the campsite. That’s it – less than an hour!

Ah, the hazy ski is from all the recent wildfires in BC – makes for pretty photos.

Elk Island Camping:

Meet Lexis – she’s a sweet pup that we keep an eye on when her family is off exploring the world and catching up with other members of their family. Remember Lexi Girl from an earlier post? She’s so sweet and was a true camping pup.

Dog and Trailer:

Lexis even paddleboarded with us. Life jackets are important – safety first.



We love dinner (or any meal, for that matter) over the open fire. So delicious.

Campfire Dinner:

The perfect mallow.

Elk Island Camping:

And, we spotted a whole heard of Bison on our way out.

Elk Island Camping:

Elk Island Camping:

Elk Island, you blew our expectations – with lakes, hikes, and wildlife – we had a blast. Our campsite (number 26) was the best. Secluded and tucked in from all the hustle and bustle going on around us. You can certainly hear other people, yet the visual privacy is nice.

Overall, we recommend camping at Elk Island National Park – just be sure to get out and see the park.

Thanks for visiting – and who else loves fall camping?

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