Lexi Girl

Photos: Lexi Girl

This is Lexi Girl!

It’s Friday and I wanted to share some adorable photos!

Lexis is a terrier mix and she belongs to friends of ours – we watched her for 10 special days while they hit the road for Vancouver and these are some of my favourite shots I got on my iPhone. Not the greatest quality, yet she’s cute nonetheless.

First off, where does the name ‘Lexi Girl’ come from? Well, it just sort of started as something I said. When my dogs, Bella and Lily, are being extra precious, they get called Bella-rama and Lily Cat. As such, it seemed only fitting to give Lexis a two-part name, too! Thus, Lexi Girl.

In our garage we have an old red couch and a dog bed. Nope, not good enough for Lexis…she wanted the green chair. Look at her sitting pretty. She also liked laying in the sun, that is until I got out the blankets.

Lexi Girl


Oh my – on the third day she stayed with us I found out her favourite word – ‘walk’!! She loves that word. I casually said to Bryce, let’s take them for a walk. Lexis sprung up off the couch and started to bark at us like ‘get up and move, people!’ So cute. She also made pretty good friends with Bella and Lily, too.


Here are the blankets. She loved to be covered in blankets – so much so that I had to stop Lily from walking all over her once because the blanket completely covered her. Silly girl.


Hopefully the photos made your Friday! We love dog sitting and since we love our two so much, we know it’s important and challenging at times to find someone who will watch them and love them just as you do. Take it from us, having 3 pups in the house was a challenge since they all loved the couch and blankets, but it was so worth spending time with this cutie.

See you soon Lexi Girl!

Enjoy the weekend people – it’s about to get busy with Thanksgiving (American Thanksgiving) and Christmas, eh?!

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