Seattle Snapshot:

Travel: Seattle Snapshot

Seattle Snapshot:

Seattle snapshot. Seattle is such a beautiful city with a whole heck of a lot of personality. This place certainly is not dull. No sir, it’s full of life, laughter and luster. If you haven’t visited yet, you need to add it to your list of places to see, seriously.


This little snapshot only gives you a glimpse into our 3 days in Seattle. We did the Museum of Popular Culture, the Space Needle (twice – once during the day and the other at night) and also Pike Place Market, the Aquarium, a boat tour and ate out at some fantastic local restaurants.

Also, we stayed in Queen Anne and had the breathtaking view of the Space Needle – the photo above is taken off the roof top deck.

Below, that’s us during the day 52 floors above Seattle. I know, it’s not that high, yet the needle is oh, so cool (I think, anyway).

Wait until you see our picture from the night visit – the wind, oh my the wind. The weather changes quite rapidly in Seattle and after feeling the force of the gusts at night, I can see why.

Seattle Snapshot:

Pike Place Market? We spent a few hours here – it’s awesome! Local art, food and fish – and so many items in between, too. The cheese store is one of my favourites.

Seattle Snapshot:

Overall, that’s a little peek into our Seattle adventures. I’ll for sure share more on the blog in the next few weeks. Thanks for visiting and Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We’re in Portland now and are about to have some fun. Bye!

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