• Three Days in Seattle

    Travel: 3 Days in Seattle

    We recently spent three days in Seattle and it was amazing. This west coast city is one to visit, for sure. Here are some highlights of our trip – happy travelling! Three Days in Seattle After visiting Vancouver we drove down to Seattle and had some tasty eats and saw some great sights. Let’s go! MoPop This place is so fun. It’s full of popular culture items ranging from music and movies to video games and comics. Give yourself a couple of hours and enjoy.…

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    Travel: Seattle Eats

    Seattle eats – where to eat in Seattle? I can tell you! Back in March we spent 3 days in the heart of this beautiful city and we had some of the best eats ever (oh, and one of the worst, too). We booked Queen Anne Flats and our second choice was Mad Flats. One of the reasons why choosing between the two was difficult is because of Little Uncle, the restaurant right below Mad Flats. It made Bon Appetit’s top 50 list in 2016.…

  • Pike Place Market: 3ten.ca

    Travel: Pike Place Market Seattle

    Pike Place Market Seattle – such an iconic place. If you’re in Seattle, you need to visit Pike Place, it’s simply awesome. Spectacular views, vintage shops and great eats (which I’ll share this weekend). Also, if you’re like me, it’s that sign that hangs outside the elevator on Grey’s Anatomy. Yes, I’m a Grey’s fan, aren’t you? Pike Place Market First, find the sign – you can’t miss it. It’s at the end of Pike Street, right where it meets Pike Place. Don’t be fooled,…

  • Seattle Aquarium: 3ten.ca

    Travel: Seattle Aquarium

    The Seattle Aquarium is one of the best aquariums I’ve ever been to. The red octopus is simply incredible. Seriously. Check out our photos below. Seattle Aquarium It’s located down on the pier – be sure you get enough parking – we spent 2 hours here easily. This fish tank is huge! The awesome thing, they take in ‘stray’ animals. In this tank I found two fish with only one eye. No way those fish would survive in the wild, so they’re here at the…

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    Travel: Space Needle Seattle

    The Space Needle Seattle has been an attraction I’ve wanted to visit ever since I watched The Jetson’s in 1987. Elroy is so cool. The neat part about visiting the Space Needle is when you walk in you walk up this huge ramp and it’s full of retro themed photos – even The Jetson’s! Basically, it’s like a little museum. We had City Passes, which means we visited twice – once during the day and again at night. If you’re only going to make one…

  • Queen Anne Flats: 3ten.ca

    Travel: Queen Anne Flats Seattle

    Seattle is amazing. The city is bright, cool and has a down-to-earth feel which puts you at ease. After visiting the MoPop we headed up to our flat in Queen Anne. The Queen Anne Flats Seattle is your home away from home. Simply awesome. This was our first VRBO experience and it was such a great one. Check out the VRBO listing if you’re looking for a one of kind Seattle experience. We were about 3 blocks from an awesome Metro Market (like Whole Foods,…

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    Travel: MoPop Seattle

    MoPoP Seattle. That’s right, we’re in Seattle! Well, not right now – but writing this post is brining back all of these wonderful memories. After spending three days in Vancouver, we headed down the coast and hung out in Seattle. MoPop Seattle is our first stop. This Museum of Popular culture is full of so many nifty exhibits and the bonus – some are even interactive! Check it out if you’re in Seattle. MoPOP You’ll need about 2-3 hours to enjoy this museum without feeling…