Travel: Vancouver Snapshot

Vancouver Snapshot:

Vancouver snapshot. I love travel snapshots – I share a few pictures while we’re on the road traveling. And blog a bit about the city we’re in. Not only are they fun to create, yet they’re also fun to look back on. The larger posts, about specific attractions and the overall city come later. Why? It’s because those posts takes a lot of time – and let’s be honest, right now, I’d rather see the city I’m in!

This Vancouver snapshot is just a few pictures and a quick peek into our recent two nights and three days in Vancouver.


While in Vancouver we visited so many local eats, some tourist attractions and shopped a bit.

Above, that’s Science World. We’re suckers for science museums – they’re not just for kids, you know. Just below, us at the Capilano Suspension Bridge and then at the bottom, we visited Granville Island to checkout the local market and art scene.

Vancouver Snapshot:

The suspension bridge is one of the highlights of our trip. I’m excited to share that post with you in a couple of weeks. Wait until you see how high it is!

My opinion? Vancouver is a beautiful city with a certain chill yet sophisticated vibe. We stayed just east of Stanly park and walked to the Whole Foods for some eats when we didn’t head out to a local restaurant. I love Whole Foods so much. I’m disappointed that they had to pull out of Edmonton – simply not enough local supply to stock the store. That’s what happens when you live up north. Bummer.

Vancouver Snapshot:

Thanks for visiting and up next, I’ll share our snapshot of Seattle! Happy travelling.

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