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Travel: London Sights

London Sights:

London sights – this city has so much to offer, from museums and monuments, to even iconic items like red double decker busses.

If you’ve been following along, you know I’ve shared quite a bit from our time in London this September. Here are just a few photos of sights that didn’t get their own post – and a list of all the London sights worth visiting.

London Sights

The Globe Theatre – we didn’t make it in for the tour, but checked it out as we walked along the river. Hard to believe so much history happened inside this building. Super cool.

London Sights:

We also saw the London Eye on our river walk. No ride for us – yet it’s one of those landmarks you just need to see when you visit London.

London Sights:

You know what else you’ll see when you visit London? The traditional red telephone booth. Yes – these guys!

London Sights:

I’m not even sure if they’re still useful, however, they’re very cool nonetheless.

London is full of so much history – Monument being one of them. I think I mentioned it during the London Tube post – about Monument Station. Well, this is it!


Last, but not least, statues of historical London figures. Sir Winston Churchill. The park outside of Westminster Abby has about 8 statues. It’s a great place to grab a coffee and just people watch.

London Sights:

Well, there you have it – some London sights – yet don’t forget the ones below, too. All are well worth the visit, yet if I had to only pick 3, then I’d pick Buckingham Palace, the Victoria and Albert Museum, and the Palace of Westminster. Don’t get me wrong, the others are great, too – yet sometimes you can’t fit everything into your schedule. Happy travels.

Travel London

Thanks so much for visiting and Happy New Year – may 2020 bring you all that is beautiful!

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