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Travel: 4 Days in London

4 Days in London: 3ten.ca

4 days in London – that’s right, this past September we ventured over the pond as people sometimes call it and spend 4 days in London and 4 days in Paris, coupled with a couple of travel days for an awesome 10 day trip.

So – where to start? First, we got a great deal on flights. I used Hopper this time, but didn’t buy directly from them. Instead I used the app to keep track of flight prices.

Once that was done, I did some trip planning – the best part of planning a trip is the anticipation. It’s so much fun, plus it can often save you money and disappointment (think not getting tickets 3 weeks ahead for Buckingham Palace).

Okay – let’s check out how we spent our 4 days in London.

4 Days in London

Day One

The first thing we did was get our Oyster Cards and make our way into London City Centre. Then, after checking into the hotel, we ate at Hot Box and ventured out to Tower Bridge.

Tower Bridge: 3ten.ca

After that we visited the Palace of Westminster and then headed to Lima London for dinner.

The day was full of taking in all that London has to offer – sitting in parks, people watching and riding the tube.

Day Two

On our second day we visited Hyde Park, the British Museum and also the National Gallery. We also had dinner at Michelin House, which was one of the highlights of our London trip.

Day Two: 3ten.ca

In the morning on day two we had a walking breakfast, yet for lunch and a pre-dinner snack we had Bill’s and Mexican food – so good. Be sure to check out London Eats to see all the places we ate at.

Day Three

We woke up and were the first in line at the Sea Life Aquarium. So worth the visit. Not only is it right in the city centre, it’s well done (how often does that happen with animals) and based around education.

Day Three: 3ten.ca

After the aquarium we visited Westminster Abbey then had some lunch at Leon. So good and so fresh.

The afternoon was filled with the Victoria and Albert Museum – leave a lot of time for this place! Followed by dinner at Duck and Waffle.

Day Four

On our last day we had a tour of Buckingham Palace – the State Rooms and the Gardens. So beautiful.

4 Days in London: 3ten.ca

We also checked out Harrods and the best burger place, Honest Burger. Oh, and people watched and saw some other London sights – all in all, our 4 days was packed – yet we did have downtime for a few hours each evening at the hotel.

Thanks for visiting and happy trip planning. Visit London if you get the chance.

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