Chicago Street Art:

Travel: Chicago Street Art

Chicago Street Art:

Chicago street art – it’s the best. Sure, fabulous museums house incredible art, however, some of the best art in Chicago can be seen right on the streets. The best spot? Wabash Arts Corridor. Full of beauty.

Okay, let’s get started!

The Loop

First up, The Picasso.

I bet you didn’t know that Picasso did sculpture, right? Maybe you did, since you’re a smartie! This piece is 50 feet tall and catches the sun beautifully. What do you think it looks like? To me, I see a fox.

Chicago Street Art:

These are The Gentlemen – it’s not exactly in the Loop, but just over the bridge in River North. Close, though.

These blocky sculptures are by Ju Ming and have called Chicago home since 2015.

Chicago Street Art:

My favourite – The Flamingo!

This piece is located in the Federal Plaza and is by Alexander Calder. Why is it my favourite? The bright contrast of the red next to all the dark steel buildings – it’s just so beautiful.

Chicago Street Art:

Museum Campus

I didn’t know until our second day that this area is called Museum Campus – such a clever little name. I love it!

These pieces below, 106 headless humans walking is called the Agora by Magdalena Abakanowicz. They are located on the south side of Grant Park.

Chicago Street Art:

Wabash Arts Corridor

Love street art? This is for you!

Walk along Wabash Avenue between West Congress Parkway and East Roosevelt Road to see some striking murals.

This moose below is by Jacob Watts and is called Moose Bubblegum Bubble. I just love the bright blue brick with the pink bubble gum contrast. So playful.

Chicago Street Art:

Harmony by Ben Eine.

Chicago Street Art:

Chicago by Dmnology.

Chicago Street Art:

This one below is weird to me – it evokes a sense of strangeness. It’s by Heidi Unkefer

Chicago Street Art:

This piece below is by Marina Zumi. Full of curiosity. It’s called Impossible Meeting.

Chicago Street Art:

Well, there you have it. Totally free art. Well, you of course need to visit Chicago – yet why not explore the street art in your own hometown. I’m sure it’s beautiful.

Thanks so much for visiting – see you again soon!

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