Project: DIY Dollar Store Tray

Dollar Store Tray:

Why would you want to make a tray out of items from the dollar store? Here’s why:

Attending a holiday work party and want your items to look attractive, presentable, yet you don’t have time to ‘guard’ your favourite dish? Or, perhaps, you’re attending a wine night at a friends and you don’t want to worry about bringing your platter back home, yet you don’t want to sacrifice the presentation.

These are reasons to spend the 2$ (oh, and maybe another 0.25$ for the glue) on a DIY dollar store tray.

What You Need

  • plate
  • cup
  • glue gun
  • glue stick
  • treats (optional, I guess)

First – visit the dollar store and pick out a coordinating plate and cup. I got black and white to keep up with the simplistic theme of the 12 days of Christmas.

Next, wash the items and dry them well. Heat up your glue gun. Pipe the hot glue onto the cup (first decide which way you want it to stand) and then adhere it to the bottom of the plate. Let it sit for about 15 minutes until it’s dry.

Dollar Store Tray:

Dollar Store Tray:

Dollar Store Tray:


Now you can enjoy the party without having to worry about your great-grandmother’s dish. You can use that dish when you’re at your own house – it’s too precious to lose.

Dollar Store Tray:

Dollar Store Tray:

Happy Holidays!


  • Linda Rushon

    Very clever, Ali, and I especially love the rationale behind the idea. So wise. Hopefully the trays or the dessert stands will be reused or recycled. What a great way for parents to send food contributions to their children’s school parties, too. Fancy but practical!

    • Ali

      Hey! Would you believe I only saw this today? I was updating a few older posts and got so excited when I saw it.

      I totally agree about the stand being reused or recycled – single use plastics are not good for our earth. Pretty neat that I still have it and it has gotten some good use.

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