Royal British Columbia Museum:

Travel: Royal British Columbia Museum

Royal British Columbia Museum:

The Royal British Columbia Museum is a great place to spend the morning if you’re out and about in Victoria. Plus, the IMax is usually a fun experience.

Royal British Columbia Museum

On the day we visited, May 17, it was the very first day of the Mayan Exhibit. Pretty neat seeing as how we just visited Mexico this past winter.

Museum Exhibit:

Something that was interesting is that on the plaques on the walls, like at most museums, they had little stories. Well, some of them were contradictory to what we had learned down in Mexico while on our tour of Chichen Itza.

Royal British Columbia Museum:

The Mayan Exhibit above is there until December 2019, yet the museum does have a standard Canadian exhibit that calls the museum home for longer periods of time.

Here are some of those fun pieces.

Royal British Columbia Museum:
Museum Sign:

All in all, we had a blast. Saw the Great Bear Rainforest IMax which is good. If you get the chance, check it out – I did shed a tear.

Take your time and enjoy the museum – we spent about 2 hours here, which is enough time. Oh, plus the IMax. If we had more time, we’d just see more movies on that massively big screen.

Royal British Columbia Museum:

Thanks so much for visiting and happy travelling!

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