Banff Paddleboarding 2020:

Travel: Banff Paddleboarding 2020

Banff Paddleboarding 2020:

Banff paddleboarding 2020 – that’s right, back in July we headed to Banff and took a paddle on the Bow River. It’s bright blue and full of glacier runoff. Oh, and cold. The water is very, very cold.

Where do we dock? We use the Banff Canoe Club since they welcome the public. Plus, 3 hour parking is located right across the street. Total score.

Okay, let’s check out some photos.

Banff Paddleboarding 2020

Check out this guy – he’s happy on the water. Big smiles!

Big Smiles:

What? You’re taking my picture, ah, okay!

The sun came out about half way through our paddle – that big Alberta sky matched with the glacier water is just too beautiful. So much fun.

Banff Paddleboarding 2020:

Heading back down stream took us about 7 minutes. Compared to the 70 minutes to get up stream. Such a difference!

Banff Paddleboarding 2020:

Where are we going to head to next – how about we check out Vermillion Lakes?

Where to next:

Ah! The lakes are so much calmer and way weaker current. Look at us, having such a great time.

Big Smiles:

No, we didn’t fit under the bridge – we needed to duck. We saw a train go by and there is no way I would want to be under that bridge when the train flies through Banff. No way.

Banff Paddleboarding 2020:

Well, there you have it – our little trip to get some Banff Paddleboarding 2020 in this summer. Thanks so much for visiting and I hope you’re enjoying your summer! Bye – see you again soon.

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