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Moose: #photo #moose

A Moose! Two of them! In my backyard! So unbelievably awesome!


This happened on Sunday – yesterday – and just the day before I finished a photography course at a local university on how to use my camera in manual – like do everything in manual.

Perfection – Pressure.

Those are the two things I felt. Nothing like a little pressure, or an 800lbs momma moose in your face to make all of your knowledge come back so you can get a great shot.

At first, I was scared. Not only of the moose, but also of trying to get a good photo. Who wants to let such an opportunity pass by? This photo below was taken in automatic – it’s brutal. Not even the right colour or even in focus. Once I saw that shot, I popped it into manual and just went for it.

I got 2 really great shots – and a few okay shots. I’m one happy moose photographer!

Moose: #photo #moose

This shot below is my favourite. You can see her big blue eyes and her baby in the background. I was smart in that I knew not to get between the momma and her little one.

Look at those eyelashes!

Moose: #photo #moose

This is my second favourite – she was smelling and licking the tree. Unfortunately I couldn’t catch her with her tongue out, but this one is priceless nonetheless.

Moose: #photo #moose

This one isn’t so great, but it’s a good indication of how close I was and how big she is – no horns, she’s a lady!

I was probably 25-40 feet during the shoot. About 15 minutes, 3 frozen fingers, and 30 pictures.

Spectacular afternoon.

Moose: #photo #moose

Living in the country is amazing – I love it! Moose in my backyard. Wow.

Moose: #photo #moose

Happy Family Day to all my Canadians!

Enjoy life and take photos.

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