Beacon Hill Park:

Travel: 3 Days in Victoria

3 Days in Victoria

Yes, 3 days in Victoria! That’s honestly all you need. This city is less than 100,000 people and it’s easily walkable if the weather is nice. Looking for a place to say? Check out this place in the harbour.

We visited Beacon Hill Park and saw so many plants, flowers, and birds – it was so much fun. Plus, a nice needed walk after our hike.

Beacon Hill Park

Check out how colourful this peacock is – he came right up to us. I’ve heard they can be a bit aggressive, so we stayed calm and didn’t make any sudden movements.


Look at all those lily pads! They’re so pretty. We couldn’t get over how green everything was – so much rain makes for beautiful plants.

Beacon Hill Park:

We also checked out mile zero of the Trans-Canada Highway. Pretty neat.

3 Days in Victoria:

As we walked back for some eats we spotted Emily Carr’s house!

Emily Carr's House:

One of the best places to people watch in Victoria is around the harbour. Just grab a coffee, tea, or even some ice cream, sit and watch all the locals rush past the tourists. It’s entertaining, to say the least.

3 Days in Victoria:

Overall, we had a blast in Victoria. Want to know more about what to do while visiting the capital of British Columbia? Check out these posts:

What to do in Victoria

Well, there you have it – how to spend 3 days in Victoria. Walking around, museums, eats, and parliament. Take some time to catch a movie, do a bit of shopping, or sit back and enjoy the sun which shows its head between bits of rain bursts.

Royal British Columbia Museum:

Thanks for visiting – see you again soon. Oh, and don’t forget to travel someplace new – it’s exciting, inspiring, and eye-opening. So much to discover, why not check it all out!!

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