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Heritage Days: 3ten.caHeritage Days: 3ten.ca

Heritage Festival 2015. It was the long weekend in August – here in Alberta, the first Monday of August is Heritage Day. As such, we have a Heritage Festival Saturday-Monday and this was the first year I attended.

Overall, I have to say I was a bit disappointed. My fault, perhaps, since I had my foodie ‘hat’ on after having a wonderful experience at the Taste of Edmonton. In hindsight, even the Heritage Festivals website is a bit lacklustre.

The event operates on tickets, much the same way the Taste of Edmonton does. Here, however, the menu items were 7-10 tickets each. The base of the tickets were roughly the same price (Heritage Festival Tickets: 30 for 25$ versus Taste of Edmonton Tickets: 40 for 42$) so that’s 1.20$ per ticket versus 0.95$ per ticket…oh goodness, bowing my head in shame. Brutal math, Ali. Let me try this again…so that’s 0.83$ per ticket versus 1.05$.

A small plate of Pad Thai, which is pictured below, was 7 tickets (8.40$) (6.64$). That’s a lot (yes, still a lot) – and on top of that it wasn’t great. Don’t get me wrong, it was good, just not great. To start off, I believe I had the wrong idea of what the festival was about, which is why I say it might be my own fault. I went into the event with a misconception. The day was about, not food, but rather cultures coming together and celebrating what makes each one of us unique.

The day was great. The sun was out and the ice cream was cold (and gluten free)!

Heritage Days: 3ten.ca

Heritage Days: 3ten.ca

Heritage Days: 3ten.ca

Heritage Days: 3ten.ca

Heritage Days: 3ten.ca

This last picture is of the Fiji Island tent – a little nod to my mom, who lives in Suva, Fiji!

Heritage Days: 3ten.ca

Visit again soon.

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