Elk Island Winter Hike: 3ten.ca

Travel: Elk Island Winter Hike

Elk Island Winter Hike: 3ten.ca

Elk Island winter hike. We’ve been hiking at Elk Island before and even in the winter, yet not with Daph-Daph! This little afternoon was well spent hiking the ~4 km trail called Beaver Pond. No, we didn’t see any beavers, yet we saw some open plains and enjoyed the fresh clean air. Let’s check out these photos!

Elk Island Winter Hike

Map of the Trail: 3ten.ca

One thing that bothers me about Elk Island, and I’d say most hiking trails is that their estimate for the hike is usually far longer than what it takes us. I tend to err on the side of caution when planning, but this hike was estimated at 1-2 hours and it took us 45 minutes. So, that’s close I suppose. Just something I need to remember moving forward.

Okay – check out this sweep pup on our hike.

Daph-Daph on a Hike: 3ten.ca

Now for some of the winter scenery we saw.

Elk Island Winter Hike: 3ten.ca
Elk Island Winter Hike: 3ten.ca
Elk Island Winter Hike: 3ten.ca
Elk Island Winter Hike: 3ten.ca

Well, there you have it! One good ole fashion Elk Island winter hike. We usually make an afternoon of hiking when we travel to Elk Island. I pack the best turkey sandwiches and some snacks, we have great conversation on the hike and it feels good to get out of the house and be active. Plus, it makes for one tired pup (aka an uninterrupted movie night!).

So, if you get the chance take a winter hike and enjoy the fresh crisp air!

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