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Time Square Suites Vancouver:

I flat out love Vancouver. This wonderful city, however, is a tad pricy and finding a beautiful place to stay at a reasonable rate was a little challenging. Time Square Suites Vancouver is the place to stay. Check it out – they are close to Stanley Park and Whole Foods is just a couple of blocks away. Plus, parking is included for a small fee. Okay, let’s check out some photos.

Time Square Suites

Each suite comes with a full kitchen. It’s awesome. When we’re travelling it’s nice to have options. Don’t get me wrong, we love to eat out, it’s just that every now and then we like to have something a little homemade and since I’m a Celiac, it’s a great plan. This kitchen is fully packed with a stove, full fridge and even a dishwasher!

Time Square Suites Vancouver:

The added space makes for wonderful mornings. I wake up a couple of hours before Bryce, usually, and the separate bedroom allows him to keep sleeping and allows me to read, watch TV or blog away without fear of waking him up. Plus, it’s so awesome to have a table to sit down and eat at – I think it’s underrated how awesome tables are.

Time Square Suites Vancouver:

Don’t be fooled by my picture – the bedroom has a large flat screen TV, too. So if you love watching TV in bed, you’re in luck.

Time Square Suites Vancouver:

The bathroom is white and clean. Stocked with loads of soap and shampoo.

Bonus – the unit has a washer and dryer – just tucked in a closet to the left of the bathroom.

Time Square Suites Vancouver:

This is our view from the living room – so bright and vibrant. I love staying at Time Square Suites Vancouver.

Time Square Suites Vancouver:

Overall, we had a great stay. They even had umbrellas, flashlights, and reusable shopping bags in the closet for you to use. It’s the little things that make me smile. If you’re travelling to Vancouver and need a place to stay then check out Time Square Suites Vancouver. Thanks for visiting.

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