• Terry Cloth Dish Towels: 3ten.ca

    Sewing: Dish Towels and Dish Cloths

    Purple! Yes…purple dish towels and purple dish cloths. This project was inspired by someone’s love of purple – and their new home. With a birthday arriving next week, I though, well, what better way to send them something not so matchy-matchy, yet practical?? Okay…a little match-matchy. A month or two ago I made dish cloths for our home, in a very neutral colour. This time I decided to make matching dish towels. Dish Towels and Dish Cloths The cloths measure 11×11 and the towel measures…

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    Garage Sale Juicer

    Grage Sale Juicer Last weekend the end of our road had a garage sale sign on it. Why not swing by? Usually we keep an extra 5 or 10 dollar bill in the glove box for an emergency – a garage sale is an emergency, right? I think so. 2$ for a juicer?!! Really. Yes! It’s a bit beat up and the owner can’t recall if it works; but, for 2$ – less than a cup of coffee, I’ll take the risk! Plus, look how…

  • DIY Concrete Countertop: 3ten.ca

    Tutorial: Concrete Countertops

    Concrete?  People questioned what we were doing – like a sidewalk on your  counter?  It was funny!  Yes – concrete countertops; but no, not a sidewalk – same material, different look/finish. Our concrete adventure in May took us 8 days and deprived us of some tasty home cooked food.  It was so much fun – so I highly recommend doing your own concrete countertops – the experience is rewarding, exciting, and truthfully, money saving .  Just be willing to try and you’ll be rewarded. After…