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    Photos: Woof Wednesday 3.0

    Woof Wednesday 3.0! Time to show off a few pictures of Daphne the Afghan hound. The best photos are the two below. A little before and after her very first hair cut. Don’t worry, we didn’t cut the hair on top of her head! Check it out – she’s looks like a different pup, yet I assure you, she’s the same loveable Daphne! Plus, now we get to see more of her personality and expressions – she’s not so fluffy anymore (yet it’ll grow back…

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    Project: November Intentions

    It’s November first and we have a fresh coat of snow on the ground. The day is bright. It’s also a new beginning – new month – new season. I follow Lee from America on Instagram and she usually posts her intentions for the month. I flat out love this. One of my New Year’s resolutions is going start doing this. Then I thought, why wait? Take action now. So, here we are on November first, setting intentions. November Intentions Start small and set yourself…