• Ring Necklace: 3ten.ca

    Project: DIY Ring Necklace

    DIY Ring Necklace Ring necklace – DIY. If you have nylon string and rings, you’re good to go. About 10 months ago I made a similar necklace – silver ring necklace. So…why this one? Well, my mom visited in July of 2014 and we visited the local farmer’s market. She was looking for a white necklace. Do you think we could find one? No. Ever since then I was looking for a modern white necklace. I searched in Mexico, in Los Angeles, in San Francisco…

  • Fabric Necklaces: 3ten.ca

    Project: DIY Fabric Necklaces

    A few days ago I shared with you a project Silver Rings Necklace – well, these are just as simple…and no risk of lighting your finger on fire! What you need stretch fabric chain metal cutters (I used fence cutters) First – get all your supplies ready! Pretty colours. Cut your fabric into 1.25 inch strips. Pull each strip so it curls inward. Gather 3 strips together – tie a knot – braid. With the three ends in hand, release the two outer strips, holding…

  • Silver Ring Necklace: 3ten.ca

    Project: Silver Ring Necklace

    Do you love accessories? Especially those big, trendy pieces that JCrew sells for 230$? Me, yes – I love them. For 230$, however, it’s not worth it. What is worth it is trying to make your own! After searching for a while for an accessory with some pop for my summer wardrobe I came across this neon nylon string at Michael’s. Then, I was inspired by a project from Honestly WTF where she made this beautiful brass ring necklace. So, I drove off to Home…