• 3 Days in Cape Hillsborough

    Travel: 3 Days in Cape Hillsborough

    3 days in Cape Hillsborough, Queensland, Australia is the perfect amount of time to enjoy the national park, see some kangaroos, and enjoy the down time. We hiked, snacked, and watched the ocean tide rise and fall, enjoying ever moment. Okay, let’s checkout what we did and some photos! 3 Days in Cape Hillsborough The hikes are some of the best – the views, the diversity, and the creatures (some killing!) all make up an incredible experience. Spending time in Cape Hillsborough is worth the…

  • Smalleys Beach Hike

    Travel: Smalleys Beach Hike

    Smalleys Beach Hike – this is one of my favourite hikes in Cape Hillsborough National Park, but also one of my favourites (top 3!) in Australia. Why? The changing landscape from one side of the mountain to the other. It’s like two different worlds, really. Okay, let’s check out some photos and I’ll share a few photos of some creatures we saw on our hike. Smalleys Beach Hike Okay, to start this is the All Trails hike we did. Yes, it has a bit of…

  • Hike Australia

    Travel: Yuibera Trail

    The Yuibera Trail is a walk into another world! The diversity among the various landscapes in Cape Hillsborough National Park is wildly amazing. Be sure to check out the Yuibera Trail if you visit the park in Queensland, Australia. Okay, let’s check out some photos. Yuibera Trail Much like in Canada, a lot of National Park trails are accompanied by signs and I’m here for it! Flat out, I love learning new things, reading about the land – rainforest? Cool! And even seeing the little…

  • Andrews Point

    Travel: Andrews Point

    Andrews Point in Cape Hillsborough National Park – it’s one of Queensland, Australia’s most beautiful hikes. Let’s check out some unbelievable photos. First up, if you use AllTrails, you’ll find the explore track helpful. The unfortunate part is that the hike is currently closed for maintenance. The high views of the ocean, and the causeway that’s exposed during low tied is super cool – it takes you all the way out to Wedge Island. Okay – let’s check out some photos. Andrews Point Wear shoes…