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    Guest Room We did it again, we re-did the guest room. When we first moved in on November 25, 2011 we re-did the guest room quickly because we had a visitor not even 6 weeks later – my mom. Since then it’s basically stayed the same. In March of 2015 we got the windows in both main floor rooms turned into doors since one day we’ll have a deck all around the house. Then, this past fall we renovated the closet in that room and…

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    Tutorial: Concrete Countertops

    Concrete?  People questioned what we were doing – like a sidewalk on your  counter?  It was funny!  Yes – concrete countertops; but no, not a sidewalk – same material, different look/finish. Our concrete adventure in May took us 8 days and deprived us of some tasty home cooked food.  It was so much fun – so I highly recommend doing your own concrete countertops – the experience is rewarding, exciting, and truthfully, money saving .  Just be willing to try and you’ll be rewarded. After…