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    Sewing: Week Forty Five: Plaid Flannel Mittens

    Plaid flannel mittens are fun and easy to make. The project, beginning to end took me about 1 hour. That includes finding a pattern and then cutting it out. So, let’s get started on this sewing project! What You Need pattern plaid flannel (about 1/3 of a yard) warm fleece (about 1/3 of a yard) ribbing (about 1/3 of a yard) machine serger matching thread pins scissors First – this project is adapted from Beth’s ‘Smittens’ which are made out of sweaters. These are made…

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    Sewing: Week Forty Four: Purse Pouches

    Purse pouches – the greatest way to keep your purse organized. Between work, school and life my purse can sometimes get over run with stuff. These purse pouches are here to save me. I made two of them – one for personal stuff like lipgloss, tampons and meds. The other for work – pens, all of my work keys and zip drives. This way, when I need to grab something it’s far easier to be found. Okay, let’s get started! What You Need about a…

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    Sewing: Week Forty Two: Jersey Knit Boot Cuffs

    Jersey knit boot cuffs will add just a bit of pizzaz to any fall outfit. Dress up boots or break up your simple, yet stylish, black leggings. These little cuffs took me about 10 minutes to sew. Grab some plain jersey knit or even a pattern and let’s get started. What You Need 1/2 a yard of fabric serger matching thread rotary cutter cutting mat ruler pins hand needle First, gather your fabric. Cut to measure your calf. Take your calf measurement and minus 1…

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    Sewing: Week Forty One: Fall Flannel Blanket Cape

    Fall flannel blanket cape is week forty one of the 52 weeks of sewing project. Although it’s snowy here in Northern Alberta, it’s still technically fall. Time to pull out the plaid and let the leaves turn colours. This project is easy and will take about 20 minutes max. Let’t get started! What You Need 1 double sheet or 2 yards of 50 inch wide fabric serger machine scissors matching thread iron ironing board fray check First, gather your fabric. I used a flannel plaid…

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    Sewing: Week Forty: Leather Trimmed Pencil Skirt

    Leather trimmed pencil skirt for this fall inspired week forty of 52 weeks of sewing. This is a bit of a tricky tutorial mainly because it deals with leather. The thinner your leather the easier time you’ll have sewing; however, if you use thick leather the project will look stunning (it’ll just be hard to sew). Okay, let’s get started! What You Need 1 yard of stretch knit 2 pieces of leather (16.5 x 2.5 inches) waist measurement in 3 inch elastic serger machine matching…

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    Sewing: Week Thirty Nine: Flower Runner

    Flower runner this weekend to finish off week thirty nine of 52 weeks of sewing. Can you believe that next week is week 40? Then only 12 more weeks. That’s only 13 more projects! I better pick wisely. This table runner matches the broadcloth napkins I made a few weeks ago and the beautiful placemats I made last weekend. Such a nice little set. Not too fall and not too spring, just right. Let’s get sewing! What You Need 2 pieces of fabric 30 inches…

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    Sewing: Week Thirty Eight: Flower Mitered Corner Placemats

    Flower mitered corner placemats is this weeks sewing project. Mitered corners? What? Basically, nice clean corners that meet up. In actually, these aren’t true mitered corners, yet they are on the back side making a nice polished placemat on the right side. For this project I struggled with keeping the fabric true and working with only it and creating a hem; or picking out a backing and simply serging them and then just top stitching. All in all, I think the extra work of hemming…