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    Travel: Hyde Park

    Hyde Park is one of those beautiful places that centre around love, peacefulness, and a sense of coming together. You feel all of those things when you’re in Hyde Park. We visited on a Sunday morning – we picked up what we call a walking breakfast (shakes, bars, fruit – anything you can hold and eat while you walk). After getting on the tube from Aldgate East we got off at Hyde Park Corner. Our first sight was this monument – and we even got…

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    Travel: Tower Bridge

    Tower Bridge – sometimes mistaken for the London Bridge. We arrived in London around 10am on a Saturday and after checking into our boutique hotel we headed over to this iconic site. Check us out – this is what we look like after 10 hours of flying and only getting about 3 hours of sleep in the pervious 30 hours. We’re pretty happy! And no, we didn’t stepped into traffic to get a good shot. We aren’t those tourists. There is a barricade behind us,…

  • London Tube and Oyster Card: 3ten.ca

    Travel: London Tube and Oyster Card

    London Tube and Oyster Card. Travel with ease and confidence. First, know that there is a difference between the Oyster Card and a Visitor Oyster Card. What is the difference? Oyster Card: 5 pound refundable deposit. You can buy them in London. Can top up at any time. Balance under 10 pounds you can get refunded. Visitor Oyster Card: 5 pound non-refundable deposit. You must order it online before you arrive in London and ship it to your home. Not available for purchase in London.…

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    Travel: Europe Sim Cards

    Europe sim cards – let’s begin. First, let me tell you that when we travel outside of North America we get a local sim card. It’s far less expensive than paying the $12.00 fee per day that your local Canadian company will charge you. You do, however, need an unlocked phone and a paperclip. A few years ago the EU banned roaming between EU countries. Meaning, if you buy a sim card in London, it’ll work in France, Germany, or even Latvia. Second, do you…

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    Travel: Paris Snapshot

    Paris snapshot – just a few highlights from our trip so far in Paris, France. First, it’s beautiful, and unlike some other cities, is recognize-able in a quick moment as being Paris. The weather is great, a little windy, yet overall we couldn’t ask for much better. It’s been sunny and getting up to about 22 degrees in the middle of the afternoon. It’s like the perfect fall day. No need for a coat, unless you want one, and a snazzy scarf is always welcomed.…

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    Travel: London Snapshot

    London snapshot – we spent 4 full of fun days in London and I want to share some quick highlights with you. First, London is big, busy, and totally British! Bryce asked me at dinner on Monday night if London was everything I thought it would be. I didn’t really know how to answer, since I didn’t really know what to expect before coming here. I’m a believer in low expectations, since then it’s not so likely you’ll be disappointed, right? It’s a big city…

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    Travel: Europe in a Carry On

    Europe in a carry-on. That’s right, it’s time to travel. Off the continent again. I remember the first time Bryce and I left the continent (well, we’d been to Maui, yet that was well before the blog). We were headed to Hong Kong and then onto South East Asia with our 33L backpacks. This time, I’m packing in a carry on that’s 40L – my Briggs and Riley carry-on traveller suitcase. And I’ll also be bringing my 20L tote. I got this tote last year when we were…