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    Travel: Oregon Zoo

    The Oregon zoo! I love the zoo and the Oregon Zoo is no exception. They run a humane system of working with experts and stand strong on many issues such as climate change, exotic pets and palm oil. Oregon Zoo The Oregon Zoo is relatively inexpensive at only $14.95 during the high season. The day we visited it was raining, yet not to worry – we had fun and saw so many animals! This mountain goat is all about playing in the rain. He’s climbing…

  • Beautiful Bungalow Portland: 3ten.ca

    Travel: Beautiful Bungalow

    After visiting Vancouver and Seattle we headed to Portland, Oregon in March of 2017. Our very first VRBO experience was Queen Anne Flats. It was awesome. This Beautiful Bungalow is a tad different. It’s a private basement in someone’s home. We knew this when booking, yet since we had never experienced a VRBO like this, we were willing to give it a try. All in all our experience was pleasant, yet in the future we’d for sure like more privacy. Beautiful Bungalow This quaint basement…

  • Three Days in Seattle

    Travel: 3 Days in Seattle

    We recently spent three days in Seattle and it was amazing. This west coast city is one to visit, for sure. Here are some highlights of our trip – happy travelling! Three Days in Seattle After visiting Vancouver we drove down to Seattle and had some tasty eats and saw some great sights. Let’s go! MoPop This place is so fun. It’s full of popular culture items ranging from music and movies to video games and comics. Give yourself a couple of hours and enjoy.…

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    Travel: Seattle Eats

    Seattle eats – where to eat in Seattle? I can tell you! Back in March we spent 3 days in the heart of this beautiful city and we had some of the best eats ever (oh, and one of the worst, too). We booked Queen Anne Flats and our second choice was Mad Flats. One of the reasons why choosing between the two was difficult is because of Little Uncle, the restaurant right below Mad Flats. It made Bon Appetit’s top 50 list in 2016.…