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    Sewing: Week Forty Four: Purse Pouches

    Purse pouches – the greatest way to keep your purse organized. Between work, school and life my purse can sometimes get over run with stuff. These purse pouches are here to save me. I made two of them – one for personal stuff like lipgloss, tampons and meds. The other for work – pens, all of my work keys and zip drives. This way, when I need to grab something it’s far easier to be found. Okay, let’s get started! What You Need about a…

  • Bucket Bag: 3ten.ca

    Sewing: Over the Shoulder Bucket Bag

    Over the shoulder bucket bag tutorial – so awesome. This bag will leave your hands free while you shop, walk your dog, or hold your kiddo’s hand. It’s functional and trendy. My favourite is the pop of yellow. Okay, let us get sewing! What You Need 8 pieces of fabric 8 inches x 8 inches 2 pieces of fabric 5 inches x 16 inches 2 pieces of fabric 21 inches x 16 inches 1 14 inch zipper extra fabric for pocket and for zipper ends…