Travel: Mexico City Grand Prix Snapshot

Mexico City Grand Prix snapshot – home of the 20th round on the 2022 Formula One World Championship schedule. Yes, Max Verstappen is already the world champion, yet that doesn’t change how epic these first couple of days have been.

The Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez motorsport race track is fast (and I thought UTVing was fast!), yet what we love about the track is the atmosphere. Watching a race at home (usually while we eat breakfast on the weekends) is thrilling, yet live, with the speedy-hum of the cars, the energy of fellow fans, and the sheer excitement in the air is wild – truly indescribable. I feel like a kid who is so excited they’re going to crash and need a nap in 15 minutes simply to conserve energy to stay alive. Oh, what fun! So much fun!

We’ve got our 3 day tickets and we’re just at the end of the main straight, at turn one in grandstand 5. With practice sessions done, I’m hopeful we’ll see some overtaking on Sunday. Oh, and something super cool is the Checo super-fans! They’re loud and proud! It’s energizing.

Okay – check out these photos of the activities thus far. From the GTM to two Formula 1 practice sessions, there’s a lot going on! I will admit I was disappointed when the W Series season was curtailed earlier this month – I was looking forward to seeing the sports top women compete!

Mexico City Grand Prix Snapshot

Thanks so much for checking out this quick snapshot. Know that I’ll for sure share a much more in-depth post, especially with the race on Sunday. Oh, and although we’re at the race in person, we’re for sure going to watch it again, even if it’s just the highlights with the Race in 30. Who knows, maybe we’ll end up on TV? Doubtful, haha!

See you again soon.

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