Plants 2.0:

Project: Plants 2.0

Plants 2.0:

Plants 2.0. That’s right – here’s a little update on our plant project blog post from last October. I’ll share some of the plants from last year and how they’re doing now and also share a couple of new plants that are loving life on the acreage.


This fire stick guy loved his greenhouse life with his red tips and all. Well, now, he loves the south facing windows and all the light the sun has to offer. Oh, and he loves it so much he’s leaning into it!

See the plant to the left? That guy was on our dining table and was about 3 feet tall at its highest. We cut him down and started a few new plants – now he’s much more manageable and happy.

Fire Sticks:

Check out this guy – just loves opening and closing. Like butterflies. There are some super-duper plant lovers who make time lapse videos on these plants. Kinda neat.


This guy is one of my favourites. It’s even populating! And, this is a $4 Home Depot find. So fun. The layers are just awesome.

Plants 2.0:

Cabbage? Nope, that’s a houseplant.

Plants 2.0:

Okay, if you haven’t checked out the plant blog post, you need to so you can see the before on this guy below. He was so little on our mantel, just two sprigs. Now, loving life with more than 8 sprigs. He’s going to need a bigger pot soon.

Plants 2.0:

Lastly, this is our newest plant. Reminds me of sand dollars. Super neat. He’s also on the cover of a new book by a fellow we follow on instagram.

Plants 2.0:

Thanks so much for visiting our plants 2.0. Even if you think you don’t have a green thumb, give it a try. Buy a plant, give it some water and light, and watch it grow. It’s beautiful how small things we might take for granted like the sun and water can grow such beauty.

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