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    Travel: Koh Rong Cambodia Part Two

    Okay – now this is the place where one should go if they want to relax! If you read part one, part two is better. The main reason I didn’t pre-book at this place is because they wanted our MC number via email. They suggested we send it like this: 12XXXX – 34 – 56XXX – 78 – 91XXX – 12XXX – 34 – 56XXX. Odd, right? I get it – if you send it that way (or some form of that) it’s far less…

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    Travel: Koh Rong Cambodia Part One

    Koh Rong Cambodia is beautiful and is getting trashed all at the same time. We were there in late April and the weather is perfect that time of year – hot and the sky is bright blue. The trash comes from all the tourists who either don’t pick up after themselves or from the overdevelopment of the island. Most likely, both. When we got off the dock we were a bit nervous – really, this is paradise? Some people were staying in crappy rooms with…

  • Koh Rong Snapshot

    Travel: Koh Rong Snapshot

    Koh Rong snapshot – this beach, where the last few seasons of Survivor have been shot, is beautiful; however, it does not come without flaws. Cambodia is no doubt a third world country and from what we’ve seen in the places we’ve visited is that the country lacks infrastructure. Last week as we took the bus from Phnom Penh we watched a women take a trash bag and dump it out in the ditch right in front of her own house. I don’t understand. Back…