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    Travel: Paris Sights

    Paris Sights – I’m not talking about the big items, like the Eiffel Tower, or the Mona Lisa, but the more integrated pieces that are found throughout the city. The sights you’ll find walking around enjoying the city of love. Paris Sights These next few sights are places we walked by about 12 times total, all within a few blocks of our hotel. Le Marais is such a great neighbourhood. Okay, these just look like so much fun – I wanted try and jump from…

  • Galeries Lafayette: 3ten.ca

    Travel: Galeries Lafayette

    Galeries Lafayette – well, it’s a shoppers heaven. Looking for Chanel? Louis Vuitton? Or perhaps other high end designers? This is your place. It’s all one store, yet with various boutiques. Many of them have stanchions to queue people up since there are more shoppers than room in the store. We visited on our first night in Paris and I bought a scarf. Funny story. I found a scarf I liked, yet I left it on the shelf (there were about 4). Then on the…

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    Travel: Paris Eats

    Paris eats – here are some of our favourite places to eat in Paris, France. I’m a celiac so it’s a bit tricky for me when travelling, and to top that off, I’m not a huge fan of French food. I know, right?! Part of trip planning for me often involves searching out restaurants and making sure they have something GF. Since, as I’m sure you can relate, it’s so frustrating when I’m hungry, in a city I don’t know, and I can’t find food.…

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    Travel: Musée du Louvre

    The Musée du Louvre is a great place to spend the afternoon. Just don’t forget to prebook your time slot on their website after you get your advanced tickets. Otherwise, you’ll be out of luck if you want to visit. Musée du Louvre First, be sure you see the Mona Lisa – and plan for at least an hour start to finish on that experience. We did it first and then enjoyed the rest of our visit. It’s important if you’re on a tight timeline…

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    Travel: Mona Lisa

    Seeing the Mona Lisa is such a great experience. Visiting the Louvre is awesome, although I like the Musée d’Orsay better – I’m a painting person. First, expect to wait – and then wait – and then wait some more. All in all, we waited 45 minutes to see her (and only for 3 minutes, I might add). Seems silly, right? Well, if you like people, or like people watching rather, than this is a lot of fun. Seeing the Mona Lisa This is line…