• Noir in Ho Chi Minh City: 3ten.ca

    Travel: Birthday in Ho Chi Minh City

    Birthday in Ho Chi Minh City – where I turned one marvellous year older. Since I planned the hotels before hand, I knew where we’d be for my birthday in late April – Vietnam! This restaurant, Noir, has excellent reviews and a top chef. The trick? You eat in the dark! 100% blackness. The lady next to us had to remove her watch because the little hands glowed. You wouldn’t believe what your senses are like when you’re eating in the dark – you should…

  • Hello House: 3ten.ca

    Travel: Hello House Ho Chi Minh City

    Hello House The Hello House Ho Chi Minh City is a delightful little place in the central backpacker district. Also, it’s quite inexpensive. This room cost us 87$ for 3 nights – that’s 27$ a night?! Plus, it comes with quality wifi, air conditioning and breakfast. Total score. This little welcome sign is there to greet you when you arrive. Oh, and there’s a locker (you get a key) for you to lock up your shoes. This adorable little bed – and you can see…

  • Adamaz House: 3ten.ca

    Travel: Adamaz House Bangkok

    Adamaz House Bangkok Adamaz House in Bangkok is a sweet little boutique hotel that’s down a dingy alley. I’ve said this before in my post about three days in Bangkok, yet I’ll say it again – so happy I book accommodations in advance. I trust reviews and I trust other bloggers. The process of finding a hotel before you travel is easy – know where you want to stay (usually close to sights and the common back-packer area), read reviews, pick your top three and…

  • Eats

    Milwaukee Eats

    Milwaukee Eats Yes, I love food. I love good food, creative food, and even exotic food. On this trip to Milwaukee we ate at two special places. Neither exotic, yet both very good. First up – Transfer Pizzeria. What got us into this adorable and trendy place? A quick gluten free yelp search. Oh, and this article from Serious Eats. The best part about their menu – every pizza can be made gluten free. This is the margarita pizza. Fresh and simple. The basil is…

  • Sewing

    Sewing: McCall’s 6752 Pattern Review

    McCall’s 6752 pattern review. I’ve done a couple of reviews recently, McCall’s 6751 and McCall’s 6751 part two, and all I keep doing is learning. Pattern Review For this project I used pattern D and for the fabric I used a jersey knit. One draw back – it’s a bit sheer (you can see my white tank top through the fabric)…next time, I’d use a double knit or something a bit less sheer. Second tip – I made this dress huge! Don’t do that. I…

  • Eats

    Review: Saison

    Saison Background It’s a review. Not something that I ever do on this blog, however, our experience last night at Saison in San Francisco was not only memorable, but one worth sharing. Sure…I could go on Yelp, Urbanspoon, or even Zaget and share my expereince and I still might, yet I wanted to share it with you, first. It takes around 8 weeks to get a reservation and with our up coming trip to San Francisco it was on my list of things to do.…