Easter Candy!

Easter Candy:

Easter Candy

Easter is on its way – the bunny is hopping around wanting you to play!

Easter Candy:

Dollar store glass containers – $1.25.

Bulk Barn candy, at 50% off – $12.23.

Having your husband act like a little kid because of all the treats – priceless!

Easter Candy: 3ten.caEaster Candy:

First, visit your local dollar store and purchase some glass vases or containers. These ones are nice, since they’re plain and can be reused for anything. Second, stop by your local Bulk Barn or even Wal*Mart and get some bags of candy.

Easter Candy: 3ten.caEaster Candy:

Third – fill up the containers to the brim…and let everyone enjoy!!

Easter Candy:

My favourite – chocolate candy eggs! I usually don’t eat chocolate, because of the caffein, but I can’t resist these tiny pastel treats.

Easter Candy:

Spring is here!!!

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