• Halloween Treat Bags 2021: 3ten.ca

    Project: Halloween Treat Bags 2021

    Halloween treat bags 2021 – these aren’t your standard Halloween snacks, but full of grocery store items that I think kids like. Unicorn snack packs, fruit by the foot, bear paws, and popcorn. Oh, and of course a full sized chocolate bar, or smarties. Who can resist the real deal? Okay – let’s check out these treat bags and get ready for the trick-or-treaters. Halloween Treat Bags Unicorn Snack Pack Hot Chocolate Mix Bear Paw Skittles Smarties Extra Buttery Popcorn Starbursts Fruit by the Foot…

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    Movie Treats – Candy

    Movie treats – candy. That’s right, it’s candy time. Oh, and most of it is gluten free, so that’s a bonus. In mid-August my brother and his wife visited us in Edmonton and it was so much fun. Hiking, shopping, corn mazes and escape rooms (we got out!!) just to mention a few highlights. One of the best parts, they got us a GC to the Keg so last Sunday we decided to have a little date night. Off to the movies to see War…

  • Halloween Candy Bark: 3ten.ca

    Recipe: Halloween Candy Bark

    Halloween candy bark time! Yes. It’s that time of year when orange and purple bring fright…spiders creep about…and ghosts yell ‘boo!’ Fear not, this candy won’t frighten you, but delight you. It’s quick, easy, and ever so festive. Try it today – or at least in the next 2 weeks. Ingredients 1 pound of white chocolate melts 12-15 oreos 1 cup of candy corn 1/4 cup of halloween smarties 2 tablespoons of halloween sprinkles First up – gather all of your ingredients. Oh, you’ll need…

  • M&M and Oreo Cookie Squares: 3ten.ca

    Recipe: Square M&M and Oreo Cookies

    Love Oreo cookies and M&Ms? No, you don’t…well, then pick something you love and add it to this square cookie recipe! But…if you do, then you’re in luck! Time to try these square M&M and Oreo cookies. I noticed some cookies like this on Pinterest one day and I though, wow…inspiration!! Time to bake up! They are easy to make and they go quickly. I start with my chewy cookie recipe: Ingredients 2 cups flour 1 teaspoon backing soda 2 teaspoons corn starch 1/2 cup…

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    Halloween Loot Bags

    No Tricks – Only Treats Last year I didn’t plan for Halloween like I should have. On the 30th I realized we didn’t have any candy…on my way home from work I stopped at the 7Eleven and grabbed a bunch of full size chocolate bars (our stores aren’t open 24 hours like in the states…I wish!). I paid just under 30$ for 16 pieces of candy. Sheesh! At least I had something, right? This year – far different story. Our local grocery store has a…

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    Easter Candy!

    Easter Candy Easter is on its way – the bunny is hopping around wanting you to play! Dollar store glass containers – $1.25. Bulk Barn candy, at 50% off – $12.23. Having your husband act like a little kid because of all the treats – priceless! First, visit your local dollar store and purchase some glass vases or containers. These ones are nice, since they’re plain and can be reused for anything. Second, stop by your local Bulk Barn or even Wal*Mart and get some…

  • Valentine's Day 2013: 3ten.ca

    Valentine’s Day – Milk Glass & Candy

    Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day is around the corner…red and white fill the house! My Nana loves Milk Glass – it warms my heart to have a few pieces in my home – plus, candy is always welcome!!! It’s time for Valentine’s day milk glass candy – here we go. Cinnamon Hearts?? Yes! Marshmallow Hearts?? You bet! A Valentine’s Day Candy Display! Take a bite out of my heart. I’m such a nerd. Valentine’s day is great – not because of the overly commercial aspect where…